How to Complete your Safety Set Pre-Qualification:

This pre-qualification process is designed to constructively identify your level of health and safety management consistent with ISO standards and Health and Safety Legislation.

Please read the questions carefully and respond accordingly how you have addressed the item in your Health and Safety Management (HSM).

If the evidence is within your Health and Safety Manual, you must list the specific page where it can be viewed as evidence.

You also have the ability at this point to attach any specific evidence that relates to the question answered, If the evidence is in your HSM then that can be attached at any stage and also at the conclusion of the questions where there are extra areas to attach evidence.

Please Note: Blank pages or forms are not considered evidence, submitting blank pages will result in your submission being returned.

You may need to provide a full copy of your HSM in order for your reviewer to validate your answers.

The ability to save progress can be found at the bottom of each page.

Each question allows for two files to be uploaded (each file can be a maximum of 16MB), additional files can be uploaded on the final page. If you have evidence that you are unable to upload as it exceeds 16MB, please contact us once you have submitted your audit.

If at any time during the pre-qualification process you have questions, queries or wish to seek clarification, please do not hesitate to make contact.

On submitting your review, you will receive an email response acknowledging it has been received along with a copy of your submission minus any attachments.

If you do not receive an email acknowledgement, please resubmit or make contact.

Your reviewer will then evaluate your responses and seek clarification or additional evidence if required.

Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate that you then forward to your client demonstrating approved status.

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