Protecting Crowded Places & Counter Threat Measures

Taking additional measures to protect crowd places and high density areas against an ever increasing threat is vital. Festivals, events, places of worship, high rise buildings, public spaces, nationally significant critical infrastructure and transport hubs all require additional measures to make safe.

On a base level your responsibilities include:

  • Assessing the risks and vulnerabilities of the crowded place
  • Implementing appropriate mitigations for risks at their crowded place
  • Keeping mitigations in proportion with the risks to the crowded place
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the mitigations
  • Reviewing the mitigations at appropriate times.

Safety Set Consulting through our sister entity S646, offer a full range of counter threat services to mitigate and protect your crowded place.

Threat assessments, target hardening, human behaviour detection/analysis, assessing and writing your crowded places strategy for you and staff training are among the services provided.

Our client list includes shopping malls, high rise buildings, festivals, events, local government and central government agencies.

If operating within New Zealand, the link provided will provide you with baseline information to get started. If operating outside New Zealand please make contact as to how to proceed.

Brief on New Strategy & Responsibilities

For more detailed information on services provided please click through to

The website also offers a number of useful tools to download and implement.




S646 offers High-Risk training and Counter Threat response as a service in the interest of encouraging and increasing safety.  S646 does not represent or certify in any way the actual safety of any venue or infrastructure and assumes no responsibility as to the safety of any person.