Fire Evacuation Scheme

Need a fire evacuation scheme or trial evacuation completed?

We can assist you by writing and submitting your scheme for approval, and conducting your six monthly trial evacuations, completing and submitting the trial report to Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

The following will assist you in deciding whether you need a scheme, if in doubt please make contact.

A building owner must ensure their building complies with the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017 (the Act) and the Fire and Emergency New Zealand (Fire Safety, Evacuation Procedures, and Evacuation Schemes) Regulations 2018 (the Regulations).

If your  building meets one or more of the following criteria you must have an approved Fire Evacuation Scheme:

  • Buildings where 100 or more people can gather together.
  • Buildings where 10 or more people work.
  • Buildings where 6 or more people sleep, unless there are 3 or fewer households.
  • Buildings storing certain levels of hazardous substances.
  • Buildings used for early childhood, medical, and disabled care services, unless the building is a normal home.

Writing schemes starts at $550.00 subject to complexity and trial evacuations are $125.00

Under the legislation owners have specific responsibilities in order to comply, the link outlines these responsibilities for you:

Owners Responsibilities