Department of Conservation Safety Audit

Safety Set Consulting are approved by Department of Conservation to write and audit safety plans consistent with permits and concession requirements.


Whether you operate scenic or photographic tours, festivals, events  or sightseeing, walk, ride, fly or boat, we ensure full compliance and operational safety is achieved.

With an extensive outdoor instructor background, combined with experience in both land and cave search and rescue, our knowledge of how to operate safely in the outdoor arena is extensive.

We can also train and inform management and staff as to their obligations under the Health and Safety at work Act 2015, New Zealand’s primary legislation in this area.

As a bare minimum, regardless of activity, your plan must contain:

  • Those accountable for safety in your business
  • Identified hazards & Risks
  • How information, training and supervision will be provided to workers
  • What equipment you will use and how it will be maintained
  • Procedures for accident/incident reporting and investigation
  • A plan for emergencies that may arise while workers are at work
  • Procedures for applying and updating the plan.
  • Medical training and Response

The following link will provide further information from Department of Conservation.

Department of Conservation Information Page

The Process:

The audit process consists of signing into an online portal and completing a series of questions, each question requires providing a reference within your safety plan as confirmation.

We often find plans fall a little short of requirements, our process is conciliatory with every possible assistance provided along the way to ensure a robust compliant result is achieved.

We are also able to write a full safety plan consistent with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, New Zealand’s occupational health and safety legislation.

Time taken to complete process is dependent on your current safety plan, typically it takes one to two weeks to complete audit. At times clients have specific time lines which we are generally able to work with.

Upon completion we issue a certificate and letter of audit status which you then forward to the Department of Conservation, job done.

Audits are managed on a four-year cycle as below:

  • Year One – Full audit conducted year one
  • Year two and Three – review conducted
  • Year Four – back to full audit (Four-year cycle consistent with industry practise)

Client Testimonials:

Whirinaki Rainforest Experiences:

As a tourism company that has operated in one of the most remote regions of New Zealand over the last 30 years or so, health and safety considerations are an absolute priority as we go about conducting multi-day guided walks. 
In the process of developing and adopting practices aimed at mitigating and where possible, avoiding, the risk to our clients (mainly international visitors), staff and contractors that comes from operating in such a location and in such rapidly-changing conditions, we have utilised the services of Safety Set Consulting and its principal operational risk specialist Warwick Hall for more then a decade. These engagements have centred on both development and implementation of Operational Health and Safety Plans and Practices.
Mr Hall is a highly professional practitioner with an intimate knowledge of the intricacies of Health and Safety law in New Zealand and his wealth of experience in the military and policing, and to major events – often pertaining to remote locations in our rugged backcountry – is a huge asset for an operator like us. That Safety Set Consulting is an Auditor of Health and Safety Plans accredited by the Department of Conservation is another significant benefit for our business, which has held commercial concessions to use Public Conservation Land since 1989.
Chris Birt
Operations Director
Te Urewera, central North Island, New Zealand 

New Tour Zealand:

I feel privileged to recommend  the services of Warwick Hall, of SAFETY SET CONSULTING Ltd Operational Risk Specialists for Department of Conservation Safety Audit. I have been working with him since the last year, and he has never disappointed me. He is detailed and professional, conducting business in a very friendly way. Most importantly he was getting everything down to the last details for DOC audit with an ease, I was delighted about the ease of the whole process. It makes him one of the best auditor that you should consider having. 

He was auditing my company when my company was in hibernation for 2.5 years (because of COVID), and didn’t charge me until I was back into business what I greatly appreciate. 

I am confident in recommending his services, he is trustable and he never disappoints.

Csaba Shepherd

A snapshot of clients:

  • ATT Travel
  • Breca Swim
  • Essence
  • Flying Aotearoa
  • Rotoiti Powerboat Club
  • Four B
  • Deaf Adventures
  • Patuna Farms Adventures
  • RYLA Island Experience
  • New Tour Zealand Ltd
  • Photographic Tours NZ
  • Tarawera Ultra marathon
  • Peter James Photography