Contractor pre-qualification made easy.

Do you engage contractors, food providers or artistic content? All are considered to be PCBU’s in their own right and as such must have compliant health and safety with the responsibility resting on you to ensure this requirement is met.

Pre-qualification is considered an important step in creating an overall safe environment with WorkSafe acknowledging it is considered best practise to do so.

It can be a time consuming process and as you are critiquing another entity’s health and safety systems you need to be comfortable with the comment provided, and ultimately issuing approval.

Our contractor pre-qualification process takes the time and risk away from you allowing you to focus on what you do best; running a great business or event. You simply provide us with your list of contractors, we conduct a full assessment via an online portal. Upon successful completion issue a certificate of Approved Contractor Status, job done.

Pre-qualification can be conducted remotely or we can meet with those requiring extra assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does the process take?
A: We will complete your Pre-qualification within seven days of receiving a complete submission.

Q: Can it be completed in a shorter time?
A: Yes, we can shorten pre-qualification for you, time taken is dependent on the quality of your existing system, evidence provided and your availability to address any items requiring attention. An additional fee may be charged under these circumstances.

Q: Who assesses the pre-qualification?
A: In addition to broad experience, our assessors are qualified with the following credentials
– NZ Diploma Occupational Health and Safety Management
– Certified Lead Auditor Health and Safety
– Qualified industrial trainer and assessor (NZQA approved).

Q: Do all contractors complete the same assessment?
A: Yes, the initial questions and evidence sought is applied to all, once this is received and an understanding of your business perimeters is gained more specific information may be sought.

Q: How long will my pre-qualification last?
A: Pre-qualification lasts for two years subject to updated insurance policies and training and competency being provided at the twelve month mark.

Q: Can this pre-qualification be used with different clients?
A: There is no reason why not, pre-qualification is based upon recognised legislation and standards and conducted by qualified auditors. However, it is up to your clients if they have not directly engaged us.

Q: What happens to the information I provide
A:  Your information is held by Safety Set Consulting, viewed only by those assessors directly involved.

Q: What does pre-qualification cost?
A: Cost is set at $350 for two years.

Q: What if my current system does not meet the required standard?
A: The process is a conciliatory, where your system does not meet standard, we will work with you to bring it up to speed. This can consist of providing comment, a few additional forms and content or in some cases, issue a complete new system.

Either way our goal is to get you over the line, compliant and engaged.

Q: What do I receive once I pass pre-qualification?
A: You will receive a letter of confirmation outlining the process, legislation and standards considered in making a determination together with a certificate of Approved Contractor Status that you can provide to your clients. Both are provided in electronic form. The certificate is valid for 12 months, a new certificate is issued covering the 2nd 12 month period after having submitted updated insurance policies and training and competency register. This is included in the initial fee.

PLEASE NOTE: The onus is on you to provide this information one month prior to expiration of your current certificate.