A Changing World

Being constantly aware and vigilant is the best defense we all have in countering any threat – SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING

In the constantly evolving world that we live work and play in, the threat of those wishing to take hostile action against us is on the rise. Active shooters, hostage taking, improvised explosive devices, hostile vehicle movements, biological and chemical attacks are commonplace around the world.

An act of terrorism or a hostile act, perpetrated by an extremist with religious or political intent, a disgruntled employee or an everyday ordinary stranger with no apparent motive who simply seeks infamy and the desire to harm others. It matters not who commits the act, or by what means, what matters is how you respond.

The shift away from highly trained operatives executing complex logistical plans to simpler formats is disturbing.  To execute a plan that uses smaller vehicles and improvised hand-held weapons places it firmly within the reach of any person wishing to impact our way of life be they foreign or domestic.

Often these perpetrators do not raise any of the traditional red flags, have no electronic footprint and have not come to the notice of authorities making then all but impossible to detect.

It is the world we live in, it will not stop and it will continue to evolve, the shape and form it presents itself in only limited by the perpetrator’s imagination. It’s not if, but when.

Operational safety and security are of paramount concern particularly if you operate in high-density crowded spaces or from critical high profile infrastructure. Training, assessing and responding appropriately to this threat saves lives.

Through experience gained in the  Military and Police, Safety Set Consulting is able to offer training and assistance in a number of high-risk areas.

    • Security audits
    • Threat Assessment
    • On-site Threat Management
    • Active shooter
    • Sniper
    • Bomb Threat
    • PBIED – suicide bomber
    • VBIED – vehicle IED
    • Hostel Vehicle Movement – vehicles as weapons
    • High Rise Building Assessments
    • Vertical Terrorism
    • Improvised Weapon
    • Critical infrastructure
    • Drone Response
    • Target Hardening
    • Antisocial behaviour/Deescalation

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Safety Set Consulting offers High-Risk training and Hostile Action response as a service in the interest of encouraging and increasing safety. Safety Set Consulting does not represent or certify in any way the actual safety of any person or venue/infrastructure and assumes no responsibility as to the safety of any person. Police and Military instruction should be followed at all times.